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Students who are accepted into our graduate programs can be recipients of only one of the following scholarships for their education:

CONACYT National Scholarship (Beca Nacional CONACYT). This scholarship consist of:

  • A monthly support for the student’s living expenses throughout the official length of the graduate program.
  • Healthcare from the Institution of Security and Social Services of the State’s Employees (ISSSTE).

Candidates must commit themselves to be a full time student and exclusive dedication to the graduate program.

Both national and international students can be postulated to receive this scholarship, awarded by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT).

Scholarships for International Students from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico (SRE). It is a financial aid program for students from over 180 countries granted by Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It consists of a monthly stipend of $9,604.80 pesos (about 529.00 USD) for students working towards a Master’s Degree, and of $12,006.00 pesos (about 665.00 USD) for students working towards a Doctoral Degree, along with social security, for the official length of the graduate studies program to contribute to student self-support (The access to this scholarships depends on the call, dates and terms that emit the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

It should be noted that the above cited scholarships can Not be granted simultaneously. That is, students can be the recipients of only one.

In addition, in both cases students with a scholarship receive the benefit of a tuition and school enrolment subsidy, for the entire graduate program.

To apply for one of these scholarships, students have the support of the institution’s staff once accepted in the program.

Last Update: Jan 12, 2024