Marija Strojnik
Marija Strojnik

Dr. Marija Strojnik (Scholl)

Is an Investigador Titular E (an academic level above full professor) at the Optical Research Center in Leon, Mexico, and a head of Infrared Laboratory. She is recognized as (Mexican) Researcher Level Emerita (220 total, Fellow of OSA and Fellow of SPIE. She organizes a yearly conference in San Diego for SPIE and is a co-organizer of biannual conference for Ronchi Foundation in Italy on infrared. She is a deputy editor of Optics Express and invited lead Editor for Applied Optics on Infrared (due date Dec. 1, 2019, She applies her knowledge of optical sciences, engineering and infrared to solve problems for the benefit of the humanity.


Highest Degree

Ph.D. Optical Sciences, 1979, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA; (first woman). (Infrared, Prof W. L. Wolfe).

Notable and Recent Awards