MMAT Scanner
Moisture Mapping by Terahertz

Early detection of diabetic foot syndrome

About MMAT

Until now there was no objective and quiantitative screening test for the deterioration of the feet of diabetic patients in early stages.

Diabetes affects the vascularure, particularely of the lower limbs, which causes poor irrigation, and in turn, dehydratation of the skin.

MMAT images provide a water content mapping, which is an objective indicator of vascular degradation and of the probability of developing ulcers. Opening the posibility of PREVENTIVE TREATMENT.

Foot deterioration appears in about 50% of diabetics.

1 in 40 require an amputation.

It is expected that one MMAT scan per year will become a routine test for the 400,000,000+ diabetic patients in the world.

Since MMAT images provide a quiantitative indicator, they can also be the key for the objective assessment of new treatments for Diabetic Foot Syndrome.

Clinicians will receive images such as the ones on the figure below which will help them to identify areas of low hydration which have higher ulceration risk. In addition a number of quantitative parameters obtained from the image will be extracted such as the average hydration of the feet, the hydration at the center of the toes, the heel and the metaratsal area.

Typical processed MMAT
images for a healthy (left) and diabetic (right) person

Technical Specs



Dr. Enrique Castro Camus / Principal Investigator

Centro de Investigaciones en Óptica
Loma del bosque · 115 Col. Lomas del Campestre
C.P. 37150 León, Guanajuato, México Tel. +52 477 441.42.00

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