cancun aeropuerto

The international airport of Cancun is the second largest in the country and the most important in the Caribbean. There is a growing number of direct flights to most of the large airports of the United States and Canada, as well as to 19 destinations in Europe and several others in Central and South America. There are also a large number of flights to Mexico City and other domestic destinations. Mexico City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and other airports can offer a variety of connections to several countries. If you are traveling from Asia or Oceania please click here.

Transportation from and to the airport will be offered on shuttle vans shared by conference attendees at a special rate if booked in advance. There are also taxis continuously available throughout the entire tourist area.

Please check in advance if you require a visa in order to travel to Mexico at the Mexican Foreign Afairs Minestry.

Wikipedia also provides an unofficial map of countries whose citizens require visa to visit Mexico which is probably easier to understand.